Inemi Abieyuwa Ese by Krystal Neuvill for INC MGMT

About Inemi Abieyuwa Ese

Inemi is a socially conscious artist, revelling in the vibrancy of cultures and the nuanced placement of migrant diasporas. Their work celebrates the beauty of candid portraiture exposing the natural beauty of each and every subject - something that they noticed is seldom seen in the mainstream media.

Specialising in photography and filmmaking Inemi intimately documents the lives of queer people of colour, holding the images as a testament to the unseen beauty of black bodies. As well as their own personal projects, Inemi regularly collaborates with like-minded artists and believes in the sharing of expertise to deepen dialogues and build vital bridges amongst communities.

They are a non-binary individual and would preferred to be referred to as they/them.

Inemi is self-represented and takes clients on a frequent basis. Inquire about their availability: